Cigarette Filter Rod

23 Apr 2019 21:09

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There as been a rising interest in allergy filters for the home over the last several years. Transport tape 12 may be adjusted to run faster or slower than endless belt 17. An optimal speed differential between transport tape 12 and belt 17 will ensure that the vacuum applied to pockets 16 will draw all, or nearly all, of the free-flowing material 8 off transport tape 12, thereby eliminating the need to refeed or recirculate free-flowing material 8.

A driven roller 48 is partly immersed in the supply of paste and its peripheral surface transfers a film of adhesive to the peripheral surface of a roller-shaped applicator 49 which coats one side of the running web 41. The reference character 51 denotes a tensioning device which can select and vary the tensional stress upon the web 41. Moreover, the device 51 allows for lateral adjustments of the web 41 to ensure that successive uniting bands will be attached to the oncoming groups G in optimum cigarette filter rod positions so that each uniting band adheres to the corresponding filter plug 24 along the full axial length of the plug as well as to the adjacent end portions of the corresponding plain cigarettes 4' and 4". The adhesive-coated web 41 is preheated by a heating device 52 which is installed between the tensioning device 51 and the severing device 46. Such heating device is particularly desirable if the adhesive paste in the trough 47 is a hotmelt or another heat-activatable adhesive.

14. A method according to claim 11 further comprising applying vacuum to said spaces formed between said spaced apart articles along said second path of travel to assist in depositing said free flowing material released from the receptacle into said spaces.

1. A method of assembling plain cigarettes or analogous rod-shaped tobacco-containing articles with filter rod sections preparatory to conversion of assembled articles and sections into filter cigarettes or like rod-shaped smoker's products, comprising the steps of delivering a series of articles to an endless conveyor wherein successive articles of the series occupy first positions; advancing the delivered articles with the conveyor at right angles to their respective axes; shifting the articles axially to second positions which are spaced apart from the respective first positions by distance at least matching the length of a filter rod section so that the thus shifted articles provide on the conveyor room for delivery of fresh articles of the series to the first positions previously occupied by the shifted articles and each shifted article is in axial register with a non-shifted article; and introducing filter rod sections between the thus obtained pairs of registering articles.

The filter may be coupled to the rod of smokeable material via a cavity in the filter, increasing filtration of mainstream smoke where the rod is coupled to the filter, or using a moulded coupling extrusion, enabling a rectangular profile filter to be coupled to the rod.

Belt 17 then conveys pockets 16, each retaining a discrete amount of free-flowing material 8, under vacuum hood 20 to approximately point 40. While pockets 16 are traveling under vacuum hood 20, the vacuum holds the free-flowing material 8 in place against screen 22 of pockets 16.

The bore 78 is disposed in the region where the flutes 22 of the second conveyor 17 receive pairs of plain cigarettes 4', 4" from alternate flutes 13 of the conveyor 12. The width of the slot 79, as considered in the axial direction of the shaft 71, is sufficient to ensure that both suction ports 19' of a given flute 13 communicate with the bore 78.

These and other objects of this invention are accomplished by providing a method and device which includes parallel travelling vacuum-assisted conveyors and containers for transporting and placing controlled amounts of a free-flowing material into discrete receiving spaces between filter plugs with great speed and precision.

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