Automatic PU Sandwich Panel Production Line

28 May 2019 20:32

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Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line is the automation equipment that can continuously and efficiently produce polyurethane sandwich panels of exquisite and diverse shapes. Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line consists of Un-coiler that inputs and releases coil, Roll Forming Unit that makes shape of coil, PU Forming Unit that sprays PU solution, Laminating Unit that makes the shape of sandwich panel, Panel Cutting Unit that cuts the fabricated sandwich panel, Cooling Conveyor Unit that finishes products hardening the cut panel sufficiently at intervals, Auto Stacking Unit that loads the finished panels, and Panel Packing Unit that packs the loaded panels with plastic wrap and discharge them.

We offer materials for production on the lines Colour Painted Galvanized Steel coils, PU material. This production line is suitable for manufacturing socket type ( wall plate panel ) and lapped type ( roof tile panel mineral wool sandwich panel line ) pu sandwich panels. Our main products are EPS raw material production line, EPS machines, cold storage warehouse, sandwich panel line, prepainted steel coils, poultry farm equipment, ice cream production line, etc.

With nearly 10 years of experience in production, sales and service of color steel sandwich panel production line, the products have exported to worldwise, like: the United Arab Emirates, Iran, India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Sudan, Albania and other countries.

A decorative metal faced exterior or interior PU insulated wall sandwich panel production line generally consists of two decoilers, an embossing machine for brick patterns, a roll forming machine (double layer roll forming machine and width adjustable roll forming machine are optional as per required profiles), a PU or polyurethane foaming machine, a cloth-belt composing or pressing machine with 24m length, a tracking fly-saw cutter, control system, transmission system and run-out tables.

An intelligent control system for polyurethane sandwich panel production lines is proposed and realized. Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Production Line is used to produce polyurethane or phenol sandwich panel with colored steel facings. Superior Polyurethane adhesive property can make whole block between foam and metal panel and not need other material to stick again.

With Technoplant systems, Bradbury Group is at the top of the world classification in the construction of continuous production plants for polyurethane and mineral wool insulating sandwich panels, with rigid or flexible external facings. Bradbury Group Sandwich Panel Production Line.

Sandwich Panel directory, provide China Sandwich Panel manufacturers, products and suppliers from China for worldwide Sandwich Panel purchasers. ARTIFEX INFRA pu sandwich panels are the most durable thermal insulating material in the construction industry. We didn'China OEM Galvanized Metal Track Forming Machine Suppliers and Manufacturers, ZLP630 Hot Dipping Zinc Working Platform - LINBAY MACHINERY CO.,LTD.

Wholesale China Purlin Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer and Factory, Easy and Simple to Handle Supermarket Shelf Beam Storage Rack Roll Forming Machine - LINBAY MACHINERY CO.,LTD. PU Sandwich Panel Production Line. These panels are widely used to construct beautiful facades, ceilings and wall partitions in various places.

Plant technology for the continuous production of insulating panels with a core structure made of polyurethane. Rim Polymers is able to supply Turnkey Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Plant for building, roofing, and cold storage applications. Our PU sandwich panel has high strength and durability of insulating ability.

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