Systems For Filter Rod Making

23 Aug 2019 20:54

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ITM offers a wide range of solutions for the tobacco industries. Air Handling Units (AHUs), Air-conditioning systems, Power Plants, Chemical and Fertilizer complexes, Green Houses, Automatic Drain Holes, Paint Shops, Textile Mills, Cement Factories, Laminar Air Flow Units, Biosafety Hoods, Fan Filter Units (FFU), Gas Turbine Industry, Compressor, Diesel Engines, Nuclear Power Station, CD-Rom Production Industry, Picture Tube Production Industry, Semi-conductor Industry, Aeronautical Industry and Miscellaneous Industrial Ventilation.

1.一种高效复合烟嘴棒,包括嘴棒滤芯(1、4)、嘴棒盘纸管层(2)和水松纸管层(5),嘴棒盘纸管层(2)包裹嘴棒滤芯(1、4),水松纸管层(5)包裹嘴棒盘纸管层(2),其特征在于:相邻两段滤芯之间为一中空部分(3),在嘴棒滤芯部分至少有一处为中空部分(3)。 An efficient mouthpiece composite rods, the filter rod comprising a nozzle (4), the disc filter tip layer paper tube (2) and the tipping paper tube layer (5), the disc filter tip paper tube layer (2) wrapped filter rod filter (1,4), tipping paper tube layer (5) filter tip wrapping paper tube plate layer (2), characterized in that: (3), the mouth portion of the filter cartridge is a rod between two adjacent hollow portion at least one hollow section (3).

Objective This paper explores the early history of cigarette filter research and development in order to elucidate why and when seemingly sincere filter engineering dual charcoal filter rod efforts devolved into manipulations in cigarette design to sustain cigarette marketing and mitigate consumers' concerns about the health consequences of smoking.

My invention is directed to a method by which substantially true pressure drop of nonwrapped and soft wrapped cigarette filter rods may be determined when the circumference of such cigarette filter rods is being compressed for such determination by a total encapsulation procedure of the entire filter rod, and to an apparatus for practicing the method.

9. The method of claim 7 wherein said memory contains a table of limit value for different types of raw materials that are processed in said machine, and wherein said storing step comprises the steps of manually entering information into said memory which identifies one particular type of raw material, and automatically retrieving from said table the limit value pertaining to that type of raw material.

A typical apparatus comparison of the wrapped rod and corrected unwrapped rod pressure drop values appears in Table 2. The wrapped circumference was initially determined by means of a spring-leaf assembly, as disclosed in my pending U.S. patent application Ser.

20 Yet, beyond the engineering complexity in this aspect of cigarette production, two fundamental questions about the science of smoke filtration continued to befuddle researchers: precisely how and exactly what to filter from mainstream cigarette smoke.

In operation of the apparatus, a cigarette filter rod 80 to be tested is inserted into the opening 22 through the annular insertion member 20. The vacuum pump 76 is first sequenced by the cam sequencer module 78 (Cam Sequence Module-8 Position-Type MP5A 611, manufactured by Eagle Signal Manufacturing Division, Baraboo, Wis., Division of Gulf & Western Inds., modified to run at six revolutions per minute) to pull a vacuum upon the sealed chamber 13 through a fitting and an opening not shown in FIG.

The utility model belongs to the tobacco product technological art, more particularly relates to a cigarette filter element featured of the structure, comprising a mouth bar filter element, a mouth bar paper pipe coiling layer and a water loose paper pipe layer, wherein the mouth bar paper pipe coiling layer embraces the mouth bar filter element, the water loose paper pipe layer embraces the mouth bar paper pipe coiling layer, a hollowed part is equipped between two filter elements, and at least one portion of the mouth bar filter element is a hollowed part.

Yuri Gagarin Plc offers a wide range of mono-acetate and combined cigarette filters which can be of different length, diameter, ventilation, pressure drop and segmentation according to customer requirements. However, Eastman Kodak and Celanese dominate the patent record during these years, especially regarding large-scale production designs for filtered cigarettes.

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