Condensate Drain Valve

24 Aug 2019 07:54

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In today's rough economic times the last thing you need is a surprise air conditioning repair. When condensate has built up to submerge the probe during a timing cycle, the output of the first integrated circuit 27 changes to a steady positive voltage and, at the end of this cycle, the output at the timer circuit pin (3) changes to zero volts.

Kaeser also offers suitable product versions for special applications, such as aggressive condensate, working pressures up to 913 psig, as well as in vacuums draintrap or frost regions. This baffle 260 causes the condensate 280 to form a water seal between the sensor 200 and the discharge orifice of the drain valve 220.

When the ECO-DRAIN's capacitive level sensor reports attainment of the maximum condensate level, its intelligent control electronics open and close the valve diaphragm at precisely the right times - discharging collected condensate with zero compressed air loss - which, of course, saves energy.

Filter bowl floats seem to be more reliable than they used to be. Today some come with a built-in particulate screen to prevent small particles from getting stuck under the seat, but maybe the use of cleaner piping becoming more prevalent (copper, aluminum) has helped this drain type's reliability.

No matter how much you spend on that fancy new compressed air system, VFD'S pin-stripes and flashing lights notwithstanding, not spending a little effort with your drain choice could cause you no end of headaches and increased operating costs for years to come.

Electronic timer drains are a very popular choice, easy to install, cost-effective and have a reliable operation when installed with an inlet strainer. Kaeser Automatic Magnetic Drains (AMD) remove condensate and other contaminants from your air system. This design allows the installer to drain the tank faster, resulting in a reduction in service time.

A float drain can be considered no-waste, in fact they can be considered a good choice for many filter applications. 3-Weg Electric Ball Valve (bore >8mm):For larger flow rates, such as central heating, irrigation, compressed air etc. The condensate discharge requirements are ultimately determined by the purpose for which the treated compressed air is used.

Automatic drains remove condensed liquid - usually a mixture of water and compressor lubricant — from compressed air systems. There is likely to be different pressures at these two points and because air will take the path of least resistance, the lower pressure side will not get drained.

These are the largest electronically level-controlled condensate drain systems available on the market and have been specially designed and built for these requirements. The electronic level control ensures proper draining of condensate and avoids unnecessary loss of air.

We recommend using two structurally different valves-the master valve (primary valve) and the slave valve (secondary valve)-as a pair, the former for full closure and the latter for regulating drain discharge. In this case, there is a risk that the hot steam and the cold condensate meet each other and cause strong thermal water hammers in the manifold while the manifold is being started up again.

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