Condensate Drain Valve

10 Sep 2019 16:02

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With the winter months bearing down on us fast, it's time you made sure that your heating source is working properly and is up to date on its maintenance. In condensate drain valve arrangements described in published United Kingdon patent application No. 2038032A as for use in steam systems, sensing elements for insertion in the steam systems for triggering electronic circuits for controlling operation of the drain valves of the arrangements are electrical sensing probes operated in dependence upon condensate being present, or not present, at the level of the probe.

We stand behind our products and services and beside our customers during planning, installation, and maintenance. These drains operate only when a sufficient quantity of condensate is present. Along draintrap with that, a team of vendor's quality controllers perform tests on these sensing drain valves to seek out any fault in it. We offer these sensing drain valves in different sizes and market prices.

2B) which is connected between the timer integrated circuit 28 and the transistors and solid state switches 32. This monitoring circuit 24A monitors the lengths between successive valve opening operations, and triggers the circuit 24 to open the valve 22 for a predetermined time if the interval between successive valve opening operations exceeds a predetermined time.

The times of two seconds and ten minutes are examples only, but it will be appreciated that the intervals between successive valve openings as determined by the monitoring circuit 24A will be selected to be longer than the minimum intervals as determined by the remainder of the circuit 24 as a whole so that the effect of the monitoring circuit 24A is to give a valve opening effect in the event that the interval between successive valve opening operations brought about by the remainder of the circuit 24 exceeds a predetermined maximum.

According to the present invention there is provided an electronically operated condensate drain valve arrangement for draining condensate from a steam system, the arrangement comprising a condensate drain valve, an electronic circuit for controlling operation of the valve, and a sensor for insertion in the fluid transfer system to trigger the electronic circuit for closing the valve when the sensor senses that condensate level is below the sensor, the sensor also serving to sense when there is condensate to be discharged at a level about at least part of the sensor and to thereupon trigger the circuit to open the valve, the electronic circuit including a monitoring circuit that monitors the lengths of the intervals between successive valve opening operations and that triggers the electronic circuit so that the valve opens for a predetermined time and then closes again upon the interval between successive valve opening operations exceeding a predetermined maximum.

The output from pin (12) is taken to pin (2) of the timer integrated circuit 28. Taking timer circuit pin (2) to zero volts (i.e. by feeding the 6 KHz oscillating signal to it) initiates a timing cycle during which timer circuit pin (3) is held at +V and in this condition the solenoid coil 31 is de-energised.

Governed by a separate electronic control head and float switch, the battery backup sump pump system operates autonomously, requires precious little maintenance and alerts the homeowner any time the primary sump system fails. Unlike traditional float drains, the operating mechanisms are isolated from condensate so no fouling or sticking occurs.

They are one of the most ignored and yet most essential components of compressed air systems. Other drain trap devices with small orifices and poppet style valves or gasket discharge seals are prone to clog when solid debris is present. Economical alternative to electric motorized ball drain valves.

Hot Promotions in condensate drain valve: the best online deals and discounts with real customer reviews. While processing the offered automatic drain valves, our vendors lay special emphasis on quality & follow international quality standards. Your condensate drain system can become clogged at anytime and should be watched closely after it has been serviced, especially when algicide has been applied.

When the pressure drops below the closing pressure the Condensate Drain Valve opens by spring force. Failure to carry out regular draining results in serious disruption to production schedules, deterioration in product quality, damage to sensitive pneumatic equipment, etc.

The given drain valves are process by utilizing fine quality materials and contemporary technology at vendor's end. We carry timer drains manufactured by ASCO, Domnick-Hunter, Posi-Drain, and Airtek. Our experienced professionals manufacture these valves using optimum quality raw material by employing latest technology at our sound production unit.

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