Chain Mesh And Cyclone Fencing In Melbourne

20 Dec 2019 18:05

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We are a supplier and installer of fencing for all commercial applications. In places where the fence may intrude upon the outdoor design of the house and garden, a drawback curtain can be used in place of the permanent chain wire fence, and this can be used with great effect and look aesthetically pleasing as the curtain can be drawn back when the court is not in use giving a full un interrupted view of your beautiful tennis court.

Additionally, if you have gas meters, valves or hot water units that need cages, we are there to provide you those as well- we create customised cages balustrade of cyclone mesh, welded mesh and perforated mesh. The humble chain link fence makes an appearance almost anywhere you go on a regular basis.

The Cyclone Woven Wire Fence Company was established in Melbourne by Leonard Tasman Chambers and William Eastwood Thompson, in 1898, after they had successfully secured the Australian manufacturing rights for 'cyclone' woven wire fencing, invented by the Lane brothers of America.

Building on more than 15 years experience as a commercial, industrial and security fence contractor we provide a large range of high quality fencing solutions and services to meet each client's individual requirements. Chainwire fence heights can be customised to suit.

End posts are fence posts used as a terminal post on a fence line and provide support for the chainwire mesh to be strained off. We supply and deliver fencing materials for projects of all sizes and applications, regularly delivering products to fencing contractors, constructions sites and even residential DIY enthusiasts throughout Victoria.

Chain Wire is galvanised steel which ensures long life and also low maintenance. Chainmesh fencing is one of the most commonly used products for preventing unauthorised access to industrial and commercial properties. Chainmesh fencing usually come in three different types: galvanized (also known as zinc-coated), aluminum, or stainless steel.

Corner posts are fence posts at a corner or change of direction and provide support for the chainwire mesh to be strained off. Also known as chain link and chain mesh, chain wire fencing is one of the oldest forms of wire based fencing. Scenic Products has developed proprietary CHAINMESH BASED FENCING systems approved for category C regions.

Available in stylish tubular steel, this barrier is often utilised as a security precaution around industrial premises. Take a look at the most suitable applications of our Melbourne's chain link fencing below. The most common choice in Australia is black powder coated posts and rails with black PVC coated chain wire mesh.

Chain wire fencing is predominantly galvanised, however a more attractive option is the black or green PVC coated mesh, which can be combined with powder coated posts and fittings. A chain mesh fence is a type of woven fence made using galvanised or steel wire.

Also, as it is made using galvanised or steel wire, it ranks high on durability. This is how much chain-link fabric you'll need and how much of the top rail you'll need (bar that goes on top of the chain-link fence to keep it all together). Cyclone® Security Chainwire Fencing, as manufactured by ARC Fences, is the ideal material for providing an efficient and economical fencing solution around the widest possible range of sites and properties.

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