Top 10 Things To Do In Bucharest, Romania

26 Feb 2020 21:28

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Honeymoon is great opportunity to experience some adventure for the newlywed couple. Bulgaria is connected to great-value skiing, sunny beaches and beautiful monasteries, with several dramatic mountain ranges, superb seaside, a great number of historic towns and a web of working villages with traditions straight out of the nineteenth century.

Visit the largest Gothic church in Eastern Europe - The Black Church of Brasov; bear-track by night; walk the cobbled streets, intimate courtyards and wide stone staircases of Sibiu, European Capital of Culture for 2007; meet a tinsmith Gypsy family in the magical, memorable, atractii turistice fairytale town of Sighisoara; enjoy a traditional Transylvanian dinner in Viscri, famed for its fortified church and its links with Prince Charles; enjoy a horse and cart ride to a sheepfold; and explore Bucharest's Parisian-inspired parks, buildings and elegant avenues.

Present-day eastern Romania gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1878 and Transylvania was granted to Romania after the dismantling of the Austro-Hungarian Empire following World War I. Initially entering the World War II on the side of Nazi Germany, a coup led by King Mihai in 1944 brought the country into the fold of the Allies.

From there, it's just a little further south until I reach Sinaia - technically outside of Transylvania - it is still considered the "Pearl of the Carpathians (the famous Romanian mountain range)." This resort town is home to Peles Castle, one of the most stunning and well-kept castles in Europe and open almost daily to the public.

The first large refinery in the world opened at Ploie?ti in 1856 and the city flourished as a trade and manufacturing center in the 17th and 18th centuries and much of the beautiful downtown architecture dates from that period: the Nicolae Simache Clock Museum, the former Creditul Prahovei, St. John the Baptist Cathedral, the Ghi?a Stoenescu House, and the Radu Stanian House.

As discovered by the Dutch author Hans Corneel de Roos, the location Bram Stoker actually had in mind for Castle Dracula while writing his novel was an empty mountain top, Mount Izvorul C─âlimanului, 2,033 m high, located in the Transylvanian Kelemen Alps near the former border with Moldavia.

Romanian language emerged together with French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese from "Vulgar Latin", spoken by the Romans in the second and first centuries BC. Due to its isolation from the other Latin people, Romanian language was more conservative and kept more Latin elements.

Imagine a medieval feast as you take a stroll through the Knight's Hall of the Gothic Corvinesti Castle, arguably the most stunning castle in the country or visit the World Heritage Biertan Fortified Church, which offers breathtaking views from its towers.

The excitement was generated initially by a group of young painters and visual artists from the northern city of Cluj-Napoca, but at least some of the action has shifted to the capital as new galleries and design centers open up. It's hard to pinpoint precisely what constitutes Romanian contemporary art, though critics point to shared elements of wit and dark humor, a somber mood, and bits of surrealism in defining a common style.

The heart of the city is the beautiful, wide, tree-lined Bulevardul Revolutiei, accompanied by fascinating examples of architecture in a mix of styles, such as the huge, bright white 19th-century City Hall Palace, the 1911 Palace of Culture, the neo-Gothic Red Church, the domed Roman Catholic church and the neoclassical State Theatre.

In Transylvania, in addition to ethnic Romanians, one and a half million Magyars and around the same number of Rroma (Gypsies) follow their own path, while dwindling numbers of Transylvanian Germans (Saxons) reside around the fortified towns and churches built by their ancestors.

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