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24 May 2020 17:48

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Collaboration software is an online platform that enables people to work together to achieve a common goal. Video conferencing can make eye contact more difficult to establish - because you have to balance your time between looking at the screen (to see what you're doing and make sure you don't have something embarrassing in your teeth) and looking at the camera (to make eye contact).

Based on our findings, 32 percent of respondents from Futuresource's latest Corporate End User Study report an increase in the average amount of time Webinar spent meeting remotely via conferencing technology on a weekly basis,” Futuresource research analyst Anthony Brennan tells Commercial Integrator.

Recording your meetings — using the conference room technology and unified communications tools you already have — can help make your people more productive by enabling them to revisit key meeting moments or view conversations they weren't able to join live, while also protecting your company by providing a record of what happened during each interaction.

One of the features that sets GoToMeetings apart is its mobile friendliness - you can set up and start a conference from your smartphone, something some big brand software would struggle to do. There are also settings to maximise call and image quality, as well as one-tap invites to join meetings as well as chats.

This is a concept that made around 125 students from 3 schools on the Kenai Peninsula spend a night at school to wake up at 4 a.m. for attending a video conference with the students in Nazareth, Israel (The ). This collaborative technology has not only pulled up the rural students to the standards where high-end education is not only limited to their privileged urban or suburban peers but also helped them realize the importance and urgency of cross-cultural collaboration.

Video conferencing solutions eliminate the need for in-person attendance in both quick scrums and important meetings, adding convenience to daily schedules for all involved, improving client relationships, and ensuring open and consistent communication between teams.

The designed tool can be used by any user with basic training and with a 30-day evaluation version which can be downloaded from the software developer's website ( ). It is not a very difficult program to use, but we are already working on a tutorial video to explain the design of the model in order to train and make it easier for other people to modify the structure and personalise the parameters according to their fields of interest," concludes César Bordehore.

Prof Richard Lyon, Associate Medical Director at Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex and Professor at the School of Health Science, University of Surrey, said: "HEMS teams attend the most severely-injured trauma patients, and time is critical to saving life and preventing long-term disability.

GoToMeeting offers all the features you'd expect from a video conferencing tool aimed at professionals, including call recording, dial-in numbers (or an option to have GoToMeeting call your number so all you have to do is answer), and HD video for up to six participants.

That's also driven by external dynamics; in this case, distance learning across sprawling urban campuses and between cities, states and regions is bringing classes to more students through online portals, and these are increasingly using software-based codecs to essentially utilize video collaboration as a teaching platform bridging distant students and classroom-bound instructors.

Other tools include the ability for meeting participants to "raise their hand" to ask a question without interrupting, the option to designate another employee who can schedule meetings for you, and high-definition video and gallery views that allow you to see all of the other meeting attendees at one time.

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