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13 Nov 2020 15:06

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Analysis is also critical, but only if the proper parameters are assessed and action is taken to prevent and resolve future problems. Progressively shorter intervals between filter changes, while on the same charge of lubricant, are strong indicators of this condition.

Draeger tubes used for personnel air monitoring are usually not sensitive enough to detect the concentrations of contaminants that will cause a problem. Air quality test kits, utilizing silver and copper coupons are useful in evaluating the quality of the air that is in contact with the lubricant. There are many simple operational issues related to the fluid and fluid system that the lab has no way of detecting or resolving. There is air end, air & lubricant compressor no substitute for effective observation of operating conditions, trends and the environment in which the compressor is operating. For centrifugal compressors, trending of vibration readings on each stage will reveal the formation of bearing deposits or other subtle changes that can then be remedied before significant damage occurs. Trace element analysis is also useful for the early detection of potential problems in compressors.

Compressor oil is composed of a mixture of high quality lubricating base fluids and high-performance additives that offers exceptional lubrication in compressors in various types of service. Compressor oil is designed to lubricate and seal the compression components as well as lubricate the bearings inside the compressor. In addition, the fluid helps to reduce the buildup of carbonaceous deposits in the compressor valves and downstream piping, thus increasing the compressor life. Compressor fluids are typically rust and oxidation inhibited antiwear products blended to standard ISO viscosity grades.

It needs to withstand the temperature range in order to work efficiently. It’s also the only lubricant product line that can validate FS-Curtis extended warranty programs.This is important in order to protect your investment and ensure its longevity. Deciding whether specifying a lubricator is practical for a given application is one issue.

That’s why we provide advice on products such as the Castrol Aircol SN range, which we have developed to reduce the risk of downstream fires and explosions. Before each use, check the compressor hoses for any signs of wear. Inspect the tank for weak spots, pinholes and rust; if you find damage, replace the tank. Also, check the belt for any wear or damage and replace if needed. When this happens, a heat-activated cleaner should be used in the compressor, allowing it to circulate as the compressor comes to its operating temperature. The cleaner will actually dissolve the sludge and varnish deposits created by the high acid lubricant.

It is heavy-duty oil designed to prolong equipment life by combating the effects of high temperatures, water, contaminants and heavy loads that accelerate wear. Non-lubricated systems demand more careful selection of components, consistently dry air, and fine filtration.

The answer depends on specifics such as the type of compressor, the application and the operating conditions. Running your compressor at high temperatures for extended periods of time will cause your oil to form a thin layer throughout the inside of your compressor. Consequently, the compressor’s oil cooler will not be able to work properly, resulting in even higher temperatures and eventual compressor shutdown. The result is greatly reduced friction, heat and wear.Learn more about Monolec.

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You can’t afford to believe everything air compressor dealers tell you, so let’s set the record straight on three lubricant myths. Thanks to an extreme hydrogenation process, the base oils used to produce this lubricant have increased rust resistance. This quality together with its special additive content make it ideal for turbocompressors that operate at high temperatures and require a high-performance lubricant. The products from Repsol’s Chemicals Division are used to manufacture everyday objects that improve people’s quality of life, their well-being and their safety and can be found in almost all industry segments. All our efforts are aimed at optimizing the performance of your Atlas Copco compressor for the longest lifetime at the lowest operating cost. The oil-free designs do not allow oil in the compression chamber and use pistons of self-lubricating materials or use heat resistant, non-metallic guides and piston rings that are self-lubricating.

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