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29 Nov 2020 10:30

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Mackay Trailers are a local company supplying Mackay and Queensland with the largest choice of trailers imaginable. We offer quality trailers that are fabricated by the best trailer factories in Australia, ensuring competitive prices to suit our local conditions. We have a large range of high quality, durable trailers for sale in the Sunshine Coast region. All trailers over 750kg have chassis that are constructed out of 50 x 50 x 3mm RHS internally coated Galvanized steel to provide a heavy duty durable chassis.

With all the versatility in the world, the four flat top trailers are built with quality, including fully welded chassis and solid axle. Unlike tandem trailers which are tandem trailers brisbane taken into consideration as an expensive investment, the single axle trailer expense less. Having fewer brakes and tires means keeping will certainly cost much less too.

Do you want to learn more about heavy duty and tandem trailers? For enquiries regarding our products and how to purchase them, please visit our contact us page. Heavy-duty trailers can also be cage, box, flatbed, tradesman, and tabletop trailers. They can also be customised with a different sized axle, an added spare wheel, higher walls or mesh cage, and improved brakes.

The build quality of a heavy-duty trailer is often better compared to standard trailers. They are made for excessive use and should be your trailer of choice if you will be towing heavy loads frequently. On the other hand, single axle trailers are more affordable, both in their purchase price and maintenance costs. They also have less of an impact on your fuel consumption. Since they are lighter, your truck will need less energy to pull it. have 13” sides with smooth floor, smooth guards with gussets, four leaf springs and two side tie rails. Drawbar is extended right back to the spring hangers for extra support and the trailers have full length chassis and full width cross member and a spare wheel bracket.

Whether you are in the middle of moving house or you need to transport a large amount of goods, Stonegate Trailers have the trailer for you to meet your needs. As you are looking at this page it is possible that you are looking to purchase an axle for your caravan or trailer and are researching what axle is going to best suit your needs. Then you should certainly consider fitting one of the range of the tried and proven" Simplicity Axle Systems ".

These trailers are built for those who rely on their trailer every day. Whether for work or home our range of tandem trailers will continue to do the job day after day, year after year. Our tandem trailers come in 8×5, 10×5, 10×6 giving those who need that extra space plenty to work with. At Austrailers our car trailers are built to quality not quantity by using 100 x 50 x 3mm Rhs drawbar brought right back to the spring hangers not just 400 mm under the deck & with a centre beam for bracing. Full RHS chassis rails and full width cross members, extra upright post for extra support on our trailers with top rails. On our 2 tonne ATM trailers we use 45 mm solid square axles with ford bearings not hollow axles. We have standard sizes and models available, but can also provide custom made car trailers to suit any size and load capacity.

We supply Trailers from standard common box trailers to custom built commercial trailers. In recent years we have had a high demand for horse floats and camper trailers and as such we have increased our range of display stock and models to suit everyone.

You can see more tandem trailers under our other trailer categories. In addition, our service extends beyond the purchase of your new custom box trailer. After market service is vital to the longevity of our client’s trailers. With the right maintenance and care, one can see their trailer lasting for many years to come. Therefore, we recommend a Topline Trailers service every six to twelve months dependent on the usage of your trailer.

Our box trailers are designed and built to withstand the tough Aussie conditions, and come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for your piece of mind. We also are conveniently located less than 500m from a Department of Transport, and we provide all paperwork necessary to register your trailer, making it fast and convenient. The Flag Top Trailer with load capacity 3500KG are designed to handle the rough Australian roads.

At Austrailers ourcar trailersare built to quality not quantity by using 100 x 50 x 3mm Rhs drawbar brought right back to the spring hangers not just 400 mm under the deck & with a centre beam for bracing. Whether for work or play, Austrailers Queensland can provide you with custom solutions that match your needs. Quality Australian built trailers are the best value providing factory structure warranties, quality seam welds for durability and LED lighting. Austrailers is a Queensland manufacturer for all types and sizes of tradesman trailers. Austrailers Queensland offertandem trailersin all our trailer catogries. When compared to a single-axle trailer, a tandem-axle trailer travels down the road in a straight line more easily.

Our box trailers for sale in Brisbane are designed with the sole purpose of serving as the definite solution for all your transportation issues. Here at Trailer Supplies we have the most competitive prices for all our box trailers for sale in Brisbane, to make sure our options are within your budget range. Our unmatched customer service team will be ready to assist you with any enquiries you may have about our top quality box trailers for sale in Brisbane.

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